Description General information Package
Biophen Plasma CalibrAtor (510K)

Reagent: Lyophilized

Calibrated against: NIBSC, International Standards, when available, or an internal reference standard

George King Biomedical Human Plasma George King Biomedical Human Plasma  

Reagent: Fresh frozen

Reagent source: Prepared from 30 or more donors

Calibrated against: PNP is tested normal for Fibrinogen, PT, PTT, and Factors II, V, VII, VIII, IX, X, XI and XII. A lot specific Certificate of Analysis verifying the normality of the PNP is included

Helena Laboratories SARP

Reagent: Frozen

Calibrated against: WHO or ISTH reference material

IL HemosIL Calibration Plasma IL HemosIL Calibration Plasma

Reagent: Lyophilized

Calibrated against: NIBSC standards according to the WHO recommendations

NIBSC calibrator Reagent: Freeze driedReagent source: Prepared from 85 donors

Calibrated against: Calibrated in units of biological activity, assigned following extensive studies involving multiple international laboratories

Pacific Hemostasis Universal Coagulation Reference Plasma
Precision Biologic Normal Reference Plasma Precision Biologic Normal reference Plasma  

Reagent: Frozen

Calibrated against: Independent internationally-recognized reference laboratory, using international reference standards (where available)

Siemens Standard Human Plasma Calibrated against: Respective WHO standard, where available
Stago Unicalibrator Reagent: Lyophilized
Tcoag MDA Verify Reference Plasma

Reagent: Lyophilized

Calibrated against: WHO and other reference preparations

Tcoag TriniCAL Reference Plasma

Reagent: Lyophilized

Calibrated against: WHO and other reference preparations

Technoclone Reference Plasma Technoclone Reference Plasma

Reagent: Lyophilised

Reagent source: A large number of single donors

Calibrated against: WHO International Standard