Normal pooled plasma

Description General information Package
Affinity Biologicals Affinity Biologicals ,   Reagent source: A minimum of 20 donors
Dialab Normal coagulation reference plasma Reagent: Lyophilised
George King Bio-Medical, Inc George King  

Reagent: Fresh frozen
Reagent source: A minimum of 30 donors

Hart Biologicals Normal Standard Plasma

Calibrated against: Factor II, VII, VIII, IX and X and chromogenic Factor VIII, AT-III and Protein C traceable to WHO standards

Helena Laboratories Calibrated against: Most parameters standardized to WHO or calibrated against ISTH reference material
HRF Inc. Normal pooled plasma
Hyphen BioMed Hyphen BioMed Reagent: Lyophilized
IL HemosIL Normal Control plasma IL HemosIL Normal Control plasma Reagent: Lyophilized
Pacific Hemostasis
Precision Biologic Precision Biologic  

Reagent: Frozen

Reagent source: 20 or more male and female donors aged 18 to 66

R2 Diagnostics Assayed Reference plasma
Reanal-Ker Rea-clot Reference plasma N
Tcoag Reagent: Lyophilized
Technoclone Technoclone Reagent source: At least 100 healthy donors
The Coagulation Reference