A Clotting Assay for quantitative determination of Direct Thrombin Inhibitors in plasma:
– Dabigatran
– Argatroban
– Hirudin




– for accurate monitoring of anticoagulation therapy with Arixtra, Orgaran, LMWH, UFH, Rivaroxaban
– for drug dosage adjustment
– for compliance testing


New! TECHNOCHROM® anti-Xa Assays

-Wide lineraty range, reduced interference, extended on board stability, good precision and high sensitivity.
– Also suitable for the new anticoagulants: LMWH, UFH, Fondaparinux (Arixtra®), Danaparoid (Orgaran®), Rivaroxaban (Xarelto®).


A new generation of THROMBIN GENERATION!

– New optimized measurement.
– Intra/ inter CV’s <5%.
– Short assay time 20 min. f. Peak Thrombin determination.


New! TECHNOTHROMBIN® MP (Microparticles)

– Quantifies thrombogenic micro particles
– Used with the Ceveron® MFU 500 an easy, quick and standardised device for removal of microparticles from platelet poor plasma.


New! FXIII Assays

– Full range of FXIII Assays: activity, antigen and sub units A + B.
– High Sensitivity