Calibrators VIII IX XI XII

Company Reagent Link to information Remarks
George King Bio-Medical, Inc Pooled Normal Plasma George King Biomedical Pooled Normal Plasma

Reagent: Fresh frozen

Reagent source: A minimum of 30 donors

Calibrated against: PNP tested normal for Fibrinogen, PT, PTT, and Factors II, V, VII, VIII, IX, X, XI and XII. A lot specific Certificate of Analysis verifying the normality of the PNP is included

Helena Laboratories SARP

Reagent: Frozen

Reagent source: Prepared from a frozen pool of citrated plasma from healthy donors

Calibrated against:  WHO or calibrated against ISTH reference material

Hyphen BioMed BIOPHEN Plasma Calibrator Hyphen BIOPHEN Plasma Calibrator

Reagent: Lyophilized

Calibrated against:  International Standards, when available, or an internal reference standard

NIBSC International standard

Reagent: Freeze dried

Reagent source: Plasmapool from normal donors

Calibrated against: Calibrated in units of biological activity, assigned by following extensive studies involving multiple international laboratories

Precision Biologic Normal Reference Plasma Precision Biologic Normal Reference Plasma

Reagent: Frozen

Reagent source: Prepared from a minimum of 20  donors

Calibrated against: International reference standards (where available)

Roche Global Cal Roche Global Cal

Reagent: Lyophilized

Reagent source: Citrated normal human pooled plasma

Calibrated against: International WHO standard and other reference preparations

Siemens Healthineers Standard Human Plasma Siemens Standard Human Plasma

Reagent: Lyophilized

Reagent source:  Prepared from pooled citrated plasma, from healthy donors.

Calibrated against: International WHO standard, where available

Stago STA-Unicalibrator Stago STA-Unicalibrator

Reagent: Lyophilized

Calibrated against: Their respective secondary standards of the corresponding International Standards for the relevant parameter

Stago, Tcoag TriniCAL Reference Plasma Stago, Tcoag TriniCAL Reference Plasma

Reagent: Lyophilized

Calibrated against: International WHO standard and other reference preparations

Technoclone Reference Plasma Technoclone Reference Plasma

Reagent: Lyophilised

Reagent source: Prepared from selected citrated plasma donations of healthy donors.

Calibration against: International WHO standard

ThermoFischer scientific Pacific Hemostasis Universal Coagulation Reference Plasma

Reagent: Lyophilized

Calibrated against: referenced to WHO or International Society on Thrombosis and
Haemostasis/Scientific and  ISTH/SSC standards.

Werfen HemosIL Calibration Plasma Werfen HemosIL Calibration Plasma

Reagent: Lyophilized

Reagent source: Prepared from citrated plasma, plasmapheresed, from healthy donors

Calibrated against: Calibration Plasma House Standard, which is traceable to the current International Standards