Plasminogen activity

Description General information Package
American Diagnostica ACTICHROME Plasminogen Activity Assay

Method: Chromogenic

Components: Human Streptokinase reagent, Spectrzymea PL substrate, Diluent buffer

Chromogenix Coamatic Plasminogen  

Method: Chromogenic

Components: Streptokinase/plasminogen-free fibrinogen, Substrate S-2403

Interference: No over estimation of plasminogen by elevated levels of FDP or fibrinogen

DG-Chrom Plg

Method: Chromogenic

Components: Lyophilized streptokinase, Lyophilized plasmin specific substrate, Tris-buffered saline

Interferences: Enzyme activity is not sensitive to plasma inhibitors

Hyphen BioMed Biophen Plasminogen Hyphen BioMed Biophen Plasminogen Method: Chromogenic

Components: Liquid streptokinase/Plasminogen-free fibrinogen, Liquid SPm41 substrate

I.L. HemosIL Plasminogen I.L. HemosIL Plasminogen

Method: Chromogenic

Components:  Lyophilized Streptokinase/
fibrinogen/buffer/human serum albumin, lyophilized chromogenic substrate S-2403

Siemens Plasminogen Method: Chromogenic

Components: Steptokinase Reagent, Plasmin Substrate

Stago Plasminogen

Method: Chromogenic

Components: Lyophilized streptokinase/human albumin reagent, CBS 30.41 Substrate

Tcoag Trinochrom Plasminogen Method: Chromogenic