Plasminogen activity

Company Reagent Link to information Remarks
Hyphen BioMed Biophen Plasminogen Hyphen Biophen Plasminogen Method: Chromogenic

Components: Liquid streptokinase/  chromogenic substrate

Interferences: No significant interference is observed for heparin < 2 IU/mL, bilirubin <0.25 mg/dl, triglyceride  <300 mg/dl, haemoglobin < 500 mg/dl and fibrinogen

Renam Reachrom-Plasminogen Method: Chromogenic

Components: Streptokinase reagent, Chromogenic substrate, Buffer, Calibration plasma

Sekisui Coagpia PLG Reagent Method: Chromogenic
Siemens Healthineers Berichrom Plasminogen Siemens Berichrom Plasminogen Method: Chromogenic

Components: Streptokinase Reagent, Plasmin Substrate

Stago STA-Stachrom Plasminogen Stago STA-Stachrom Plasminogen

Method: Chromogenic

Components: Lyophilized streptokinase/human albumin reagent, CBS 30.41 Substrate

Interferences: No interference for haemoglobin < 7 g/L, bilirubin < 900 μmol/L, triglyceride < 10 g/L and FDP < 130 μg/ml

Werfen HemosIL Plasminogen Werfen HemosIL Plasminogen

Method: Chromogenic

Components:  Lyophilized Streptokinase/
fibrinogen/buffer/human serum albumin, lyophilized chromogenic substrate S-2403