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Today we are pleased to send you our digital Newsletter which aims to provide you with some important ECAT information, relevant articles and reviews on publications in the fields of quality control and/ or laboratory diagnosis in thrombosis & haemostasis.
The editorial board and the advisory comittee wish you a healthy 2019.
Petra ter Hark
Certificates of Participation

The certificates of Participation for 2018 are available and can be downloaded from our website. Go to the Participant Area on our website ( and select "Certificate of Participation". Here you can download your certificate for 2018. These certificates will not be send by postal service anymore.
New result submission and report download facility

As from 2019 a new result submission facility and report download facility will be introduced. We believe these new facilities will be a significant improvement and more user-friendly for our participants. We strongly advise you to read carefully the instructions on page 13 - 16 (results submission) and page 21 - 22 (download survey reports) in the Survey Manual 2019.

Because of the introduction of these new facilities the old facility for downloading survey reports and certificates of participation will disappear by May 1st, 2019. Therefore your survey reports and certificates of participation until the end of 2018 should be downloaded before this date.


ECAT Information:
11th ECAT Participants' Meeting 

On 7-9 November 2018 the 11th ECAT Participants' Meeting was held in Leiden, The Netherlands. The first session on Wednesday began with one course and a satelite symposium. On Thursday and Friday the 11th ECAT symposium was held, in which a total of 260 participants took part. Read more

ECAT Information:
Edoxaban Pilot Study

In Spring 2018 a pilot study was performed on the laboratory testing of the direct Xa inhibitor Edoxaban. The meaning of this pilot study was to make an inventory of the current practice of testing for Edoxaban. In total 57 different laboratories had indicated their interest in this pilot study. Thirty-eight laboratories returned results.
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ECAT information:
Assay Evaluation Project BAY94-9027 

BAY 94-9027 is a Site-Specifically PEGylated B-Domain-Deleted Recombinant FVIII which has demonstrated safety and efficacy in more than 5 years of clinical studies.
Because BAY 94-9027 is a modified molecule, there is the potential for differences in performance when it is measured with certain coagulation assays established for standard FVIII products. To support medical laboratories in their need for BAY 94-9027 assay performance information, Bayer has entered into a partnership with NASCOLA and ECAT to develop BAY 94-9027 quality control samples for proficiency evaluation and further data collection on assay performance within the coagulation testing community.
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Literature Review:
Influence of DOAC Stop on coagulation assays in samples from patients on rivaroxaban or apixaban

(S. Platton et al. Int J Lab Haem 2018; ahead of print)

Piet Meijer, ECAT, The Netherlands
It is well known that DOAC, like rivaroxaban and apixaban, may interfere to a varying degree in clotting assays depending on the type of DOAC and the assay type and reagents used in the laboratory.
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Upcoming Events
5th EFML-BD European conference on Preanalytical Phase
22-23 March 2019, Zagreb, Croatia


ISLH 2019 
9-11 May 2019, Vancouver, Canada
XXVII ISTH and 65st SSC 
6-10 July 2019, Melbourne, Australia
10th BIC and 3rd International Conference on Inhibitors 

6-8 September 2019, Milan, Italy

For more events, please have a look into our Calendar.

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